Modern Facilities, Traditional Care

Feeding/Daily Routine

Etonbury Cattery holds a range of quality diets, please let us know in advance if your cat has a specific preference so we can try to make sure we have it in stock

If you wish your cat to be fed on a special food such as a veterinary diet or your own personally prepared diet, you are welcome to bring it along.

Willing cats will be cuddled, groomed (if requested and equipment provided) and have play time. 

A routine is important to minimise stress and everyday we have a consistent cleaning, feeding, sleeping and playing times to help your cat settle quickly. We pride ourselves on cleanliness and providing a safe and secure environment to minimise disruption to focus on your cat’s contentment

we will administer prescribed medicines (at no additional charge)


We can email you a picture and update if you have access to technology while you are away.

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