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Arrivals & Departures

You will be welcomed in our dedicated reception area and after payment and paperwork is completed, we will transfer your cat to its holiday suite.  You are welcome to accompany your cat and see them settled in.  Other than short visits for viewing and arrival/departure, we do not allow anyone other than staff into the Cattery to keep stress levels for our guests to a minimum. Should you wish to bring a blanket, toys or a scratching post from home please do so, otherwise your cat will be provided with suitable stimulating toys and activities. Your cat may be stressed in a different environment and may take some comfort from something with a familiar scent so you are welcome to bring a blanket, bedding or toys that smell familiar to your pet.  We suggest that you do not feed your cat prior to travel, we will feed our guests on arrival to help them settle in.

Arrival & Departure:

As our business is also our family home, please respect our opening hours for drop off and collection :

Monday to Saturday - 9.00am to 10.30 and 4.00pm to 6.00pm,

Sunday and Bank Holidays 5.00pm to 6.30pm

(Christmas Day and Boxing Day – Closed for arrival and departure)

Arrivals & departures should be by pre-arranged appointment and only within the hours specified above to ensure that you and your cat receive our undivided attention immediately on arrival.

Viewing prior to booking by appointment only – as a new potential customer we strongly recommend you pay us a visit and you can arrange a viewing appointment before booking, please telephone to arrange and we will try to accommodate your availability subject to our guests' routine and requirements.

We recommend that sturdy plastic or wire carry baskets are used to transport your cat and the security of all clasps and locks are checked before departing from the cattery. We suggest you line them with newspaper or puppy training pads or similar so that any accidents can be easily cleared away.  We will store your cat box if you wish while you are away.  Cardboard carry boxes are NOT recommended

Please note that we do not accept un-neutered male cats over 6 months of age.

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